The Mustard Seed

In Solvang we ate at "Mustard Seed". The menu is a mix of Italian with Persian cuisine, nice ambiance. At that time of the day it was almost empty and we were greeted by the owner - Chef Mohammad, who owns this place for 15 years. When he heard my order - fried chicken liver - he looked up at me with kind of mixed look of surprise and interest and promised that I would get the best chicken liver in the world. and I got it! Presentation was very simple, but the taste! I dared to ask for a recipe:) Secret is that they marinade the livers for several hours in mix of "salt, pepper, red onions, red wine and spices". It takes away that irony taste that many people dislike. Even Dwayne agreed to try a piece and he liked it too (normally he refuses even to look at the thing:)

#photo #restaurantreview #solvang #liverdish

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