What I am offering:

I am flexible and willing to accommodate different needs and requests, such as one time dinner, weekly or bi-weekly cooking for several days in advance, party or cooking class. To make it simple, I charge $50 per hour plus the cost of groceries

Personal Chef


Leave the trouble of answering the question "What's for dinner?" to me. I will create a menu according to your guidlines, dietary needs and preferences, then will execute it on your kitchen. You will have a set of containers with the homemade tasty, but restaurant quality meals, ready to be just re-heated and consumed.


In the majority of cases, 3-4 hours are enough to cook food for a week for a family of 4.

Picniс and Dinner Parties


Birthday? Your kid's Birthday? Baby Shower? Bachelor/Bachelorette Party? Special occasion? Just in the mood for a dinner with friends? Entertain your guests and I will take care of the rest: menu planning, shopping, cooking, presentation.....


Enjoy your party!





Cooking Classes


I am offering a variety of hands-on classes, private (just for you) or for a group, to build a team, confidence in the kitchen or to entertain your guests.


Here is some examples:

- Basic cooking skills

- Grill Master

- Macrobiotic for good health

- Pasta Italian way

- Vegan Delight

- "Scary" veggies

- and many more other topics:)